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Monday, May 1, 2017

Journey to the north

During my last travel break this semester, I spent my final two days in Oslo, Norway. I am glad that I eventually got a chance to visit this country, which has been considered the wealthiest in the world and lately as the happiest country, replacing its brother Denmark.

Historically due to the close blood among the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish royal family, the area in Norway today with the least population has been under control of the other for over a thousand years. This fact makes the country always feel like a fantasy world far away from the mainstream politics. And of course its capital city Oslo at the same time had been not as "ancient and classical" as Stockholm and Copenhagen, by which I mean it has much more modernized buildings in the heart of the city.

Geomorphology, looking at the map, because it is so close to Sweden, I once thought that the suburban land form would quite similar, yet it turns out be actually a lot higher and steeper. For example, Oslo is established upon such hills. In the evening, you can appreciate the wonderful scenery of the little spots of light shining from the remote neighborhood on the hills, together with the waving reflection in the harbor, something you never see in Denmark and Sweden.

If you can have a chance visiting Oslo, I will absolutely recommend the National Gallery where the famous paint "Scream" by Edward Munch is being exhibited. Here is the link.

Hope to see you soon!