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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Construction Documents & Senior Showcase!

Hello again!

Latest post on the CDES Instagram — graduation just around the corner!

Another post, which means I'm that much closer to graduation! As my latest Instagram post emphasizes, there is very little standing between me and graduation at this point! Things are wrapping up, and I will soon be turning in my final assignments and giving final presentations!

Right now we are working on CDs. Not the kind with music, but construction documents. These are probably the most important part of being an interior designer and something that a lot of people don't know that interior designers are responsible for when they think of what we do as professionals.

Often times, people find this part of the design process to be boring and mindless, but I enjoy it just for being that! It provides a nice break from the highly creative thinking of the other phases of design process, which can leave you worn out. So for me, it's a welcomed design phase. I also enjoy that it brings the technical parts to my life as a designer. I love the balance of creativity and technicality with interior design, and this is the technical portion!

Flyer for Interior Design Senior Showcase
Construction documents are the instructions we give as interior designers to contractors in order for them to construct the project and follow our design intent. They are drawings that are a mix of plan views, elevations, sections, and detail drawings to best communicate how to bring the design to life. They are a super important part of the design process!

As CDs draw to a close, we are also pulling together our final posters, which will be on display for all of our family and friends to see during the senior showcase on Friday, May 12. Anybody is welcome to attend and take a look at all the designs! They will also be up and available for viewing during the day on Saturday, May 13. Stop by if you'd like!

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