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Monday, April 17, 2017

Urban Clinic Design

Hi everyone,

The design development phase of my senior thesis is complete! In an effort to avoid making this summary the length of a paper, I'm going to try to make this overview of my design as short as possible. This design was worked on in conjunction with HGA, a local design firm that is completing the project in real life. The project is for HCMC's North Loop Clinic that will be located at 800 Washington Ave. It is a primary care clinic that is looking to attract young professionals who are living and working downtown.

My design was based on a concept derived from the city grid of Minneapolis. From above, the downtown Minneapolis area is identifiable due to its angled grid around the Mississippi. You can see this concept throughout my design in the use of diagonal lines creating intersections and the use of contrast.

Check-in and waiting rendering

This is a rendering of the check-in and waiting area. Here you can see a variety of furniture types — atypical from what is usually seen in a healthcare space. One of the things I wanted to achieve with this project was to stray away from things commonly found in healthcare spaces, like stark white walls and healthcare's typical pale greens and blues, and to create more of a contemporary, corporate atmosphere to fit the neighborhood and attract the target market of young professionals.

Patient hallway rendering

Looking down the hallways, each room is identified by using one of the main colors of the brand and named after a street in the downtown Minneapolis area. Within each exam room, this identity continues, with the use of color and a large graphic that corresponds to the street after which the room is named.

Work area rendering

The staff work area has a similar way of identifying rooms in the hallways. In the work space, there is a large custom ceiling of the Minneapolis city grid. This area follows contemporary corporate design trends, using sit-to-stand desks to support staff, and by accommodating a variety of work styles.

In the next class, we will go on to the construction documents phase where we each put together all the technical drawings for our designs. It's not known as the most exciting part of doing interior design projects, but is VERY important and also provides a nice break from the creative stuff, which is great when you're feeling a little drained of creativity after design development. I'm ready to just go to town on the construction documents and finish this project up! Graduation is one month away... it's crazy to think!

Until next time,
Interior Design