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Friday, April 14, 2017

Staying Mindful

If you’re looking for a class to take next semester, I’d highly suggest looking into CSPH 3201—Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. I took this class fall semester and it changed my life. It was really helpful to have a class that allowed me to focus on bettering myself. Mindful breathing and meditation also helped me to manage my heavy course load. In the class, we learned various types of meditation including the body scan, sitting meditation, and sitting and standing yoga. We also learned various ways to incorporate mindfulness into our lives, like mindful walking, eating and communicating.

When you’re finished with the class you aren’t completely on your own. You get access to free downloadable guided meditations. I’m going to get to really put what I’ve learned to the test next fall while I'm working on my senior apparel line. Things are really picking up as we head into the final weeks of classes, and I have to remind myself to take mindful moments. I’m thankful I have these tools under my belt now to better handle all of the stress.

Check out the Center for Spirituality and Healing here.

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