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Friday, April 28, 2017


The time has come to start thinking about and registering for Fall semester classes! This is always an exciting time for me because my inner Type A personality thrives off of organizing and scheduling out my life. It can be stressful planning out your semester because there's so many things to consider, such as liberal education requirements, the location of classes, the times, and which classes should be prioritized over others. Make sure to make an appointment with your advisor before you register if you're lost. You can look into that here! These are my tips to consider when registering for your next semester classes:

1. Be realistic. Don't take on 17 credits if you're going to be really busy with a new job or you've heard some of your classes are challenging. Also, don't take 8 a.m. classes if you know you're not a morning person. Some of us are pretty ambitious like this, but what's the point if you're not going to do well?

2. Give yourself enough time between classes. Make sure you double check the location of your classes. Are you giving yourself enough time to get to St. Paul? You'll thank yourself later when you're not having to sprint between classes a couple times per week.

3. Take something that interests you! We all have required classes for our majors and minors, but it's important to always have at least one class per semester that you truly enjoy. Otherwise, school will feel like a chore (or even more of a burden than it may already be for you).

I hope you all take these into consideration! Good luck in the Fall,
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