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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Favorite Study Spots

This semester the tests never seem to stop. I have an exam almost every other week! This means that throughout the semester I haven't ever been just coasting along, rather I'm always trying to prep for the next thing right around the corner. I've found that I get bored studying at the same places all the time and that it's really important to switch it up and change your environment every so often. Here's a list of my favorite study spots on or near campus!

1. Purple Onion Cafe
I think this is one of my favorite spots because it's a lot closer to where I live than other places on campus. They have great drinks and also a lot of space so it's not as hard to find a table as some of the smaller coffee shops in Dinkytown. However, the wifi here is pretty unreliable, so I would recommend only going here if the internet isn't crucial for your work. 

2. Espresso Royale
Another great study spot in Dinkytown! It's a bit smaller than Purple Onion so it can sometimes be a struggle to find a table, but if you do you'll be comfortable for a while. Bonus is that I always see people with their pets when I go here. 

3. Walter Library
I love studying at Walter just because there is always space to sit; but most importantly, there are plugs, which aren't always a guarantee at coffee shops. Walter is also a guaranteed quiet study space, whereas coffee shops are filled with conversation, music, and coffee grinding. Whenever I really need to focus on my work, this is my go to spot. 

4. Magrath Library
This one's for all my St. Paul students! I spend so much time on the St. Paul campus that I definitely needed to find a great study spot there. Magrath is a smaller library but there's plenty of places to sit, and it's decently quiet at all times. Also, it's right across the street from McNeal where I have most of my retail merchandising classes. 

Keep calm and study on, 

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