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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journey to the north

The journey ended on the other side of the Bothnian bay, the Republic of Finland.

2017 is the first centennial anniversary of this country, but the past 100 years has been very difficult to them. Three wars, especially the three-year winter war against the Russians, had largely determined the result of the World War II. Although the Finns are not known as the best warriors, the insistence upon the national uniquity is always exceptionally strong—strong enough to become the 7th largest country in Europe now.

Walking in downtown Helsinki, at first you might attempt to think those buildings are similar with Soviet styles or Scandinavian, yet after merely two days you will probably find out that Finland is truly like no other. The Finnish language, for example, together with the Estonian language as the only sibling under the same language family, has a totally different word for meaning like "mother," for which most of other languages in the world would would probably say "mum" or "mama."

Helsinki, the capital, is one of few European capitals where there is no palace. The un-splendid street views make it hard to use a or few simple photographs to represent the city or even the country. Below are my pictures to be shared for this time. Hope you enjoy.