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Friday, April 28, 2017

Houston, We have a problem

All semester we’ve been working on wearable solutions to various problems in the medical and aerospace fields. My group had to address the calluses forming on the tops of astronauts' feet because they use them to navigate around the station. For our solution, we made a load absorbing stabilization crew sock that was padded and attached to various objects with a hook.

We headed to Houston bright and early Sunday morning to present our projects at the NASA wearable technology CLUSTER symposium. There was a presentation and then a poster session where everyone walks around, asks questions, and can see the prototypes up close.

(photo by James Blair, NASA JSC)

The work we did this semester was definitely rigorous, but I’m glad our professor, Dr. Dunne, pushed us. We went into our presentations very prepared, all of our prototypes looked great, and our posters were sleek and cohesive. I am interested in participating in the  Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) next school year so learning the design research process this semester has helped to prepare me for that. (Find out more information about UROP here.)
(photo by James Blair, NASA JSC)

The trip was a blast! We got to tour Johnson Space Center, go to the Rocket Park, and we even had some down time to hang out on the boardwalk. We all got dinner and did some apparel bonding. (Check out more pictures from our trip on our Instagram page, @UMNDesign)