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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Getting Scenic

For my senior exhibition, and for my final project as a design major, I’m writing, designing, and coding a video game. Writing the plot and giving the characters dialogue came easily, and coding was difficult but manageable thanks to the plethora of advice available online. Designing the game, as it turns out, has been the most time consuming and challenging aspect of this project—particularly, illustrating the background of the main scene.

I’ve heard from artists and designers I follow online that backgrounds are their least favorite part of any scene they create, and now I can say that I absolutely agree! There is so much detail needed to make a scene look somewhat believable as a space, from the perspective needed to create a depth of field to the placement of items within the scene that make the room seem less like a box and more like … well, a room.

The scene I’ve been illustrating is an interior shot of the main character’s room, and constructing this background reminded me so much of the McNeal Hall drawing I made back in the day. I’m really grateful now for all the experience I had working on such an architectural drawing! It’s certainly making my job now a lot easier.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my game both here and on the College of Design Instagram account, so feel free to check that out for some cool photos from me and all of the other design bloggers.

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