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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fresh start to my day

Hey Everyone!

When classes and your schedule get busy, it's good to find something that relieves your stress and refocuses your mind. This semester, I have been going to yoga in the mornings at 6:45 a couple days a week at the rec center. The class allows me the time to relax before my day of classes. While some days it’s hard to get up early in the morning, after the class I always feel energized. One of my favorite parts of the early morning class is being able to watch the sun rise while doing yoga. The big windows let the sun shine in throughout the class.

Since not everyone is a fan of waking up that early, the rec offers classes at a variety of times throughout the day. The different classes include cycling, pilates, total body strength, zumba and cardio kickboxing. To check out the different classes offered and schedule available at the rec center just follow this link!

Until next time,