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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Working on my senior thesis

Hey everyone!

This last semester of my senior year I have been hard at work on my thesis. Since I am a member of the Honors Program at the U, I have to complete my thesis in order to graduate with Latin honors. For your thesis, you can pick any topic you would like to research and it can take a variety of different forms, including a paper, project or exhibition.
Healing Garden at Park Nicollett Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park

With the help of my advisor and other committee members, I have been researching the use of healing gardens in the healthcare practice. To understand how often they are actually used by visitors and patients as well as how they are integrated into patient care programs, I am looking closely at three hospitals in the Twin Cities metro area. This past week I have been making multiple visits to each hospital and the gardens located at each of them and analyzing their various elements and features. It is really interesting to see the variety of gardens that each hospital has to offer and understand which elements are most successful. For my final thesis, it will most likely take the form of a paper with visual components, such as site context diagrams. These last few months I will be finishing gathering data and analysis and then compiling it all into my paper.