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Friday, March 17, 2017

User Interface Design

Hello Designers,

This semester I've had the wonderful opportunity to work on a project in my User Interface Design class.  We have been working on an app for students to help them find student groups.  I really enjoy getting to see the design process from a different perspective.  This design process is very similar to that of Product Design, as far as ideation and prototyping goes.  Some of our ideation session is pictured to the right.

I really enjoy getting to see the different perspectives that come together in this class, because it is a class in the Computer Science department, so people come from all sort of different academic backgrounds.  In the end, we will be using some minimal programming to make our app look exactly how we would like the application to look.  To the left is an example of an initial prototype for how the interface might look. It'll be exciting to see where this class goes and how I'll be able to learn skills learned apply them to my Product Design classes!

Until next time,

I'll see all you designers at home.

All the best,