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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break


I feel like every time I write a post I just need to mention how fast the semester is flying by. Honestly, I'm just always amazed by how fast the weeks go. My first blog post in September feels like yesterday.

It's finally Spring Break (woohoo!), which means we are all officially halfway through the semester. I want to challenge you all to use some of this relaxation time to reflect on the first half of the semester. It's important to really analyze what you've been doing well and what you can try to improve throughout the second half of the semester. It's always important to check in with yourself to become more aware of where you're struggling, and to pat yourself on the back when acknowledging your successes. Here are a few things to thing about during your reflection:

Van Gogh Museum!
1. Are you dedicating enough time to school work?
2. Could you be more proactive with your school work?
3. Are you effectively managing time and prioritizing your responsibilities?
4. Are you being the best friend you can be?
5. Are you proud of the work you're doing on or off campus?
6. Are you valuing your wellbeing and treating your mind and body with respect?

Keep these in mind as you reflect on the past two months. One of the things I want to be better at is #6! Not only do I need to start making time for the gym again, but also finding time to go to museums and read books, because I really enjoy them. If you feel like you need some help being the best version of yourself, check out Boynton Health Service's website here, where they offer services from mental health therapy to message therapy to de-stressing and time management services. What can you do these next couple months to help you be a better student or person?

Enjoy Spring Break & kick butt once you're back,
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