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Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break Explorations

Hey everyone!

Bougainvillea blooms with Lantana
This past week for spring break I went to Arizona. It was nice to escape the snow and enjoy warmer weather, even if it was only for a few days. While in the Phoenix area, I explored many different parts of the city. One of my favorite things I did was visit the Desert Botanical Garden. These gardens were filled with beautiful plants and landscapes. Being a warmer and drier climate than here in Minnesota, the species of plants are very different. I loved seeing the different architectural forms of the cacti and agave plants. Another one of my favorite plants that thrives in the Arizona climate is Bougainvillea, which has bright pink blooms.
I also was able to explore the canal system that goes throughout the city and surrounding area. The revitalization of the canal system allows people to walk, bike and engage right along the canal. Recently learning about the system in class, it was really intriguing to experience it in person. On my next visit to Phoenix I am interested in exploring the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Taliesin West.
On the Canal

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