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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Self Care

Being sick is rough. Being sick for three weeks is very rough. Being sick for three weeks during your final semester of college, while you’re trying to complete your senior thesis? That’s straight up awful, and unfortunately, I now know that from experience.

I’ve been out of commission for so long that even though I’ve been healthy for this past week, I’m still not caught up with everything that I should have finished while I was busy sleeping and storing up my fluids. Because of this, I don’t really have much of an update on my senior thesis progress—which is definitely stressing me out! However, if there’s anything that I learned from being so sick, it’s that I need to work on my “self care” skills. I’ll share a few things I found that keep my mental health up, both when I’m stressing out over schoolwork and when I’m coughing my lungs out.

Podcasts are my new best friend. They’re the perfect amount of entertainment that can keep me invested without being distracting. I think it helps that there isn’t anything visual that has me switching tabs or looking at my phone while I should be sticking to Photoshop. (I also love listening to podcasts while I’m falling asleep, because they keep me from thinking about every embarrassing thing I did in seventh grade and subsequently losing sleep over my middle school stupidity.)

Now that the weather is becoming more bearable, I’ve been making a point to actually go outside more, too! Looking at a computer screen all day is great and all but man, does my head need a break sometimes. And naps are rejuvenating occasionally but most of the time they leave me groggier than I was before. Going outside has the same refreshing effect, but without the regret you feel when you wake up three hours after you promised you’d only be shutting your eyes for a few minutes.

I also like rewarding myself for accomplishing stuff. This could take on many different forms depending on what makes you happy, such as treating yourself to some chocolate when you pay your bills or making plans to go out with your friends once you finish a project. I like online shopping. It’s definitely not the best thing for my wallet, but I like knowing that in a couple days, I’ll have an adorable squishy cat lamp to reward myself for all those internships I applied for.

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves in whatever ways work best for you. Talk to you soon!


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