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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Schematic Design Phase

Hello again!

Bubble Diagram
In the senior interior design studio it is now time for schematic design presentations, which means spring break is almost here!

The schematic design phase includes all the elements of space planning and really getting into the design portion of the project after completing the research portion. This phase includes analyzing the needs of each space that will be included in the design, creating an adjacency matrix, bubble diagrams, block diagrams and preliminary floor plans. It also includes very early versions of furniture and material selections, 3D views, and elevation and section views.

Schematic Sketch
This phase is a huge opportunity to show your creativity. In school we are rarely, if ever, working with budgets. With graduation soon approaching and my experience in my internship, I'm seeing that the time in school is a great opportunity to show just how creative you can be—take advantage of it! While being realistic in your designs is important, school is the only time where the cost of your design isn't a factor, so you can really go all out and show your creativity!

It's hard to believe the semester is halfway over! My project is starting to come together as we are getting into the 3D design of it and it just shows how the end of the semester is near. Happy spring break, everybody!

Until next time,
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