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Monday, March 6, 2017

Prepping for Portfolio Review

Hello Designers!

A large part of acceptance into our program is the portfolio review process, so I have found myself sifting through projects deciding what to put in my portfolio. Having been in three different design studios last semester, it's been fun to look through final projects and even mid-semester projects. One project I was looking through was my final for Design for Manufacturing. My favorite part of this project is the fact that it steered so far away from my initial intent. To the right you can see my final product, which consists of a steel base that was plasma cut and bent to the desired look. The part of the base that holds the tea candle itself was 3d printed. My initial idea, however, was to 3d print a mold that would allow me to create candles that look like the 3d printed parts above. Unfortunately, by using a couple test trials, I learned very quickly that this type of material was not ideal for melting wax and forming a solid candle. I also learned that Pinterest lies. Making candles is not an easy process, and it makes a MESS. From there on out, I decided to turn the project into something new. I hope to sometime make a silicone mold so that I can actually try to make my own designed candles. However, I think that this project is a good example of why prototyping is necessary and how easy it is for your idea to be changed.

Until next time, I'll see all you designers at home (Rapson).

All the best,