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Monday, March 6, 2017

Journey to the east

Hi, this is Andrew.

How is everyone doing recently? Currently, my friend and I are enjoying our spring break by taking a trip to Eastern Europe by the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, known as Baltic countries, give tourists a merely subtle impression of eastern Europe in general. Yet, on average, these countries have about the same land area as the Netherlands or Denmark. Lithuania, united with Poland, was one the three largest powers in medieval Europe. Estonians and Latvians on the other hand never possessed their own national sovereignties prior to the 20th century. Here is the history behind in a more detailed passage.

Today, when people talk about the three countries, it is difficult to avoid mentioning the influence from the Soviet Union. Indeed, traveling in these cities, there is a clear divide between the original medieval architecture and the later Russian modern urban landscape.

Hope you enjoyed reading this passage, and I will have the topic completed after finishing the journey to the east.