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Monday, March 20, 2017

Dean's Reception Deja Vu

A couple weeks ago was the College of Design Dean’s receptions, where potential CDes students can come and check out the U of M.

I remember coming to the dean’s reception back when I was a senior in high school. I was instantly drawn to the apparel studio.. I never thought that it would become my second home.
As a high school student, I was so overwhelmed looking at all the projects that I’d get to do. The thought of designing for NASA or making an entire line of clothes seemed impossible to me. I couldn’t imagine actually having the skills to do all of that, but here I am researching my senior line and designing socks for astronauts. It’s crazy how everything comes full circle. (Check out previous blog posts on apparel trips to NASA here.)

During the student session, potential students got to practice half scale draping. I was so impressed with their work. As an incoming student, I didn’t even know what draping was!

I gave some students a tour of McNeal and shared a little about my experience in the apparel program. One of the questions I got from a student that I thought was so fun was, “Do the apparel students dress up for class everyday?”  I wondered the same thing when I started college. Answer: No! We love sweat pants just as much as non-designers.