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Friday, March 3, 2017

Best of Both Worlds

Hey hey hey,

It's feeling a bit like Spring, and we're almost halfway through the semester—so yeah, life is pretty good, wouldn't you say?!

As a junior, I've been going to a lot of interviews for summer internships and jobs. Throughout this process I've had the chance to really analyze my studies, why they are a good fit for me, and how the education I've received will help me in "the real world." I thought I would take this time to share with you all why I believe Retail Merchandising is truly the best of both worlds!

This program is the best of both worlds simply because I take half of my classes at the College of Design and the other half at Carlson Business School. On the business side, I get to take classes about economics, retail buying, business statistics, management, marketing, and computer literacy. On the design side, I get to take classes about retail environments, consumer behavior, the history of costumes, global industries, ethics, and even toy product design.

The retail merchandising program really challenges students to develop their analytical and strategic thinking skills in addition to their creative and abstract thinking skills. Both of these are so important in the professional world, no matter what you end up doing for a living.

This also sets me up on a path to honestly get any post-graduate education (besides med-school). It's not uncommon for students in this program to get doctorates in things like creativity, design, psychology, etc. In addition, law degrees and MBA's are very common.

I love my program here at CDes because it has helped me develop a set of well rounded skills that will help me adapt to new jobs and new roles and responsibilities in the professional world. Check out the degree program here more in depth if you want to learn more!

Thanks for reading!
Retail Merchandising