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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Toy Design Takes Off

Hello Designers!

The fact that I took Toy Product Design my freshman year sincerely changed my life.  I realized what I truly wanted to do in life, and that was Product Design.  This class not only introduced me into the world of design, but also a world of prototyping, extremely important teamwork, and creativity.  As this year's Toy Design class takes off, I find myself extremely grateful that I get to lab instruct an awesome group of six students this semester.  I am so excited to participate in the class again, just in a different light this time.  The class is structured so that each group of six has an undergraduate lab instructor and an instructor from the industry.  As we work with this year's sponsor, Target, I cannot wait to see what will come out of this amazing class this semester. Freshman year I truly saw how design process worked by being a part of one, and I cannot wait to see it from the outside looking in this semester. Above is a picture of just some of the clues that students found during their scavenger hunt this Monday, during which they got to see all of the places that they will be working this semester and start to build a tight team bond! If you want to keep updated with this class, you can look at the website here. You can also look out for PLAYsentations tickets to go on sale nearing the end of the semester, since the event is held on May 3!  This is when all of the teams put together, well, a "playsentation" describing their toy!  It's tons of fun, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone no matter the age.

Until Next Time,
I'll see you designers at home (Rapson),

All the best,