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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tap Handle Making

Hey all!

This past semester I had the pleasure of taking Product Form and Model Making, a class that is required for the Product Design major.  I had so much fun getting to build prototypes throughout the class, ending with creating a beer tap handle for the company Dangerous Man. Three local breweries worked with us to help us learn the importance of designing for a client. This experience was amazing to say the least.

Three of my good friends and I were all assigned to different breweries, so we went to go scope out the "vibe" that we got from each place. This is what was so cool about this experience. I never thought that designing for something such as a tap handle would have such intense thought that went into it. Putting myself in the eye of the customer, in the eye of the bartender, and in the eye of the owner all at once was not an easy task. Let alone coming up with something that would fit the aesthetic of the brewery.

Who would know that this task would end up being not only one of the most difficult design challenges I've ever had, but also my favorite?  The iteration process and selection of ideas to move forward with, which happened throughout our tap handle creation, is something I will never forget.

Until Next Time,

I'll see you designers at home (Rapson),