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Friday, February 3, 2017

Relationships are Key

Hello everyone!

When I was in London last semester there were many adjustments I had to make. Specifically, my classes were so, so small! I'm sure most of us have been in those 500 person lecture halls at some point, and it's not that uncommon for someone's smallest class to be around 75 people. In London, one of my classes was only 6 people...WHAT?! I was honestly pretty overwhelmed by it. So you're telling me I can't just blend into the back of a lecture hall? You're telling me that I actually have to share my opinions and contribute in class? It was going to be a challenging semester.

However, I grew to love and appreciate my small classes. It was fun being able to genuinely get to know everyone in my class and actively participate in discussions. It also kept me accountable. Arguably most importantly, it allowed me to build relationships with my professors. It's so important to build relationships with your professors and mentors because those are the people that will write your recommendation letters for graduate schools and get you through the door to interview at big companies. My professors from London are some of my most favorite teachers, and I know it will benefit me in the future. Coming back from London, I'm challenging myself to become known by my big lecture hall professors as well. It may be harder, but it'll be worth it to have such a successful person in your corner. One way to make sure you get a head start on these beneficial relationships is to sign up for freshman seminars, which are small classes for freshman that will allow you to build a special relationship with your professor from the beginning of your undergraduate career. Check out more about it here.

Molly Wertheimer