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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Exploring the Minnesota River

Hey everyone!

This past week we started our new project in studio that I am pretty excited to begin. For this project, we are asked to analyze the site through the lens of an artist. The artist whom I was given, Dennis Oppenheim, was really interested in going about his art in a sensory approach. He wanted to engage all five of his senses when thinking about his work. With this in mind, we went to observe the site. It is located in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge along the Minnesota River in Burnsville, MN, which is south of the Twin Cities. This unusually warm February weather made the site visit perfect. It was such a beautiful and sunny day to be along the river.

Once there, I began to engage and take note of different times and locations where my certain senses were stimulated. I also noted locations where my attention was suddenly changed from one sense to another. Observing my surroundings in this way was very intriguing and allowed me to see and investigate things that I wouldn’t have noticed. For example, I was able to listen and hear the many birds along the river, the wind blowing through the grasses and even an airplane flying by. The next steps of the project will be very interesting, and I am intrigued as to where this information will lead me.

Hope you all are enjoying the nice weather too!