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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Concept Workshop

Hi again!

This week in the senior interior design studio, we've been working on our concept phase for the HCMC North Loop Clinic design. You never know where or when you're going to find inspiration for your concept, so the workshop was designed to help us try to find inspiration and ideas without the help of technology. So we ditched the computers and brought in to class whatever art supplies we could find! During a three-hour studio, we had about 45 minutes per station to really get involved and creative with the tasks.

The first station I was at was the collage station. A variety of magazines were brought into class including Mpls St.Paul Magazine and National Geographic, to name a couple. These magazines that weren't interior design related were great sources of inspiration for me because it wasn't looking at interiors for inspiration, but rather more abstract things.

 Then I went to the games station. Here, one option was to play an adapted, interior design version of Scattergories! Another game was to play Scrabble with an emphasis on words that could be conceptual or interior design related.

Another station was a sketching station — whatever you wanted. If you had concepts in mind, you could sketch ideas to elaborate on them, or just doodle to find inspiration!

The next station built upon the previous as a 3D modeling station. Using paper or Play-Doh, we were tasked with translating our concept ideas into 3D forms.

Overall, this workshop was a fun and different way to find concept inspiration compared with previous workshops I've been a part of. I think it gave me some great things to put in my concept packet, which will soon be turned-in to show my work and how I'm arriving at possible concepts. Next week we will be meeting with our mentors to present three concept ideas we each have come up with, and we then get critiques and suggestions from them, which should be very helpful!

Until next time,
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