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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New advanture to continue

Hi, everyone. This is Andrew posting from Copenhagen, Denmark.
This semester I am going to spend most of my time in Denmark studying urban design. It's just the first week I am here and of course there is more for me to keep exploring, but many things have deeply impressed me, like the language and the people here. Here are two shots around the neighborhood where I go to school everyday. Isn't it gorgeous to always be immersed in this kind of picturesque surrounding? Every single breath tastes like a thousand-year-old history.
And I would definitely want to talk about my host family, Mr. Per and Mrs. Helle. By now, everyday they have cooked for me and my roommate, and they have shown us around the Copenhagen and some towns around the area. Especially every match day, Mr. Per watches football with me, which makes weekends more Hygge!
Here is an interesting Danish website, basically like Americans' e-Bay. Check it out if you want the basic vocabularies in online shopping. It means the blue newspaper in Danish,