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Monday, January 30, 2017

My Final Semester Begins!

Hi again, everybody!

Happy 2017! It's crazy to think the year is finally here... the year of my college graduation!!

Hopefully everyone had a great winter break. I spent mine both in Minneapolis and back home in Plymouth with family and friends who were home for the holidays. I worked a bit, continuing my internship at Miller Dunwiddie Architecture over break as well. We are now one week into the semester. My only course right now is my senior studio and we are now getting into the design portion of the thesis that we did the research portion for in the fall.

As previously mentioned, the design will be for a primary care clinic located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. We will be working on the project with HGA and I will soon be assigned a mentor for the project, who will be a professional from the area that has expertise in healthcare design. This mentor will be super helpful in helping me make sure that I'm designing correctly for the strict regulations and standards that exist within healthcare design. We are kicking off with the concept ideation phase for this project. On the right is a photo I posted on the UMN Design Instagram page, which shows me searching for concept inspiration anywhere I can find it. You never know when something great will come up, or what random thing will spark an idea — you just always have to be searching, keeping your eyes open!

The semester is off to a quick start and I'm sure it will fly by. I'm excited to share my final semester and graduation experience with you all and will be sure to keep you posted on all the exciting things!

Until next time,

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