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Monday, January 23, 2017

Design Across the World

Hello Designers and Welcome back to Campus!

I hope that you all had a wonderful and rejuvenating break. Over break I had the amazing opportunity of traveling around Madrid, London and Rome, and luckily got to see tons of design around the world.  From the articulate details in a lot of Spanish buildings to the architecture that makes Big Ben so iconic — and the simply astounding Vatican City.  Pictured to the right is an ancient piece that was in one of the Vatican museums. It appears to have some sort of meaning that has been unfortunately lost throughout the years.  However, that doesn't mean that it wasn't absolutely awesome to get to see beautifully designed pieces that at one point meant a lot to people.  At the museums, we also luckily got to see some of the most interesting pieces of art and culture from Rome and other places around the world.  Nevertheless, the Sistine Chapel was also an amazing thing to see, with the endless amount of detail put into the ceiling and surrounding walls. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures since they were forbidden, but I guess that just means you'll have to go to Rome yourself and check it out :).  Overall the experience was one I will never forget, and you can learn more about what the Vatican City looks like here.  I hope you all have an amazing start to your semester!

Until next time,
I'll see all you designers at home (Rapson).