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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wrapping Up Another Semester

And just like that, another semester is finished! Only one more to go...

It's crazy, but I now only have one semester left of my undergrad time at the U! In IDES4615W (Interior Design Research), we wrapped up the written component of our thesis, completing the 200-or-so page document and watching the 45 minute presentation video that was compiled. It was a united class effort to create this program for our thesis, and now next semester we will be using all that research we did in producing the design component of our thesis, which as mentioned before, will be to design a primary care clinic in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis.

IDES 3614 (Interior Design Ethics & Professional Practice) concluded with an emotional goodbye to a favorite teacher, Tina Patel, as she left to move to Canada. We had a big, delicious potluck on the final day to close off the semester and have one big going-away party as a class. She will be missed by a lot of students, past and present, at the U!

In studio (IDES 4607), we submitted and presented our final project. As part of the IDEC Student Design Competition, we designed an educational facility for students going on service-learning trips to the Amazon. I've included one of the renderings (to the right) from my group's project. It was a short timeline and a tough project, but all the designs in class we're very different and impressive.

This break I'll be laying low, relaxing, and continuing to work at my internship at Miller Dunwiddie Architecture. My final semester will begin on January 17th, so until then, I hope everyone has a great winter break and Happy Holidays!

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