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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Relaxation Station

Hello hello!

I'm officially done with my study abroad semester -- can you believe it? The time really flies. Congrats to you all on finishing yet another semester!
A Light Art Gallery/Coffee shop I went to for a relaxing study break!

I always like to take some serious time during break to relax. It's so important for your health to not continuously carry around stress, which seems to always be the case during the semester. An obvious way to do this is to catch up on sleep! However, after taking a health & wellbeing course at the U my first year, I've really come to understand and appreciate the value of meditation.

It's so important to just tune out the world for a little bit and relax. Here is the link to a meditation I did during that class. There are also a ton of different videos on youtube with varying lengths and relaxing sounds. It can be intimidating at first because it's actually really hard to stop your mind from roaming, but it's the effort that matters and it will get easier with time.

Enjoy your relaxing break and happy holidays!

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