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Friday, December 16, 2016

Library Tour

Hey Everyone!

With final projects and tests looming over our heads these last 2 weeks, everyone on campus seems to be getting in the zone. Finding a good study spot is very important during this time, whether that's your apartment, a studio, a library or a coffee shop. The Starbuck's line and tables always seems to be especially packed this time of the semester. If you need a quieter space to study, the U of M has so many incredible and unique libraries.

While there are many smaller libraries on campus the main 5 include:
  • Wilson (West Bank)
  • Andersen (West Bank)
  • Walter (East Bank)
  • Bio-Medical (East Bank)
  • Magrath (St. Paul)

Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library

 During finals week, all the libraries have extended hours and some are even open 24 hours. My favorite library to work in is Magrath Library on the St. Paul Campus. They have study tables right next to big windows, which always get a ton of sunlight throughout the day. I always like having natural light when I'm busy working inside. Another one of my favorite study spots is the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library in Rapson Hall. Since it is so close to all of my classes, it is a nice spot to use for a quick hour or two in between classes.

 Happy Finals!