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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Finals prep

Finals are just around the corner, and due dates are nearing for College of Design final projects. We’re in the final stretch of the semester, and I’m definitely feeling the heat. I like to combat finals stress by hanging out with pups and eating carbs.

Boyton hosts a Pet Away Worry and Stress event every week so you can take a break from studying to pet cute animals! I find it really rejuvenating when I’ve been working for hours on the same garment to just take a break and do something completely different, so PAWS is a favorite of mine.

The professional design fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, will also be selling grilled cheese sandwiches in Rapson during finals for everyone working late on projects. Snacks are essential for late studio sessions!

Happy finals everyone and may the grading curve be ever in your favor!

Xoxo, Quinessa