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Friday, December 23, 2016

Around finals time

Hey everyone! 

Around this time, many of you might have finished everything. I am currently still working on the two examinations I have left. This has been an enjoyable semester, and my project in BS studio turned out to be pretty at last (as shown below). 

Winter is here, and classes are over. I am so looking forward to the holidays and also to my learning abroad semester in Denmark. This site that allows you to easily compare the living costs from one city to another. Though Denmark sounds different, it is actually in some senses similar to Minnesota. The days are short and nights are cold, and instead of lakes, it has long coastline. Although apparently it is slightly more expensive to live in Denmark, according to research I have done, the lifestyle and climate are indeed very close.

Well, I won't have a good picture until I actually arrive there. So, wish me good luck for my special adventure there!