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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Quick Guide to Minnesota Winter

Hello again!

We have seen the first big accumulation of snow on campus for the winter, and we are quickly approaching winter break! In the spirit of a Minnesota winter snowstorm, I thought I'd provide some quick tips to anyone coming from out-of-state to study here, specifically those coming from places that don't experience snow. As a lifelong Minnesota native, I'd like to say I'm an expert on the matter, but every year I find myself unprepared and forced into a quick adjustment to the winter weather. Here are some helpful tips that come to mind:

  1. Take advantage of public transportation. Many students on campus don't have cars and are using public transportation anyway, but when the snow flies and the roads are slick, avoiding driving is usually the best option to avoid the added stress. No scraping ice and snow off your car, waiting for it to warm up, or worrying about being the driver! Take advantage of Metro Transit and the nicely discounted UPass students get! This pass can be used on the lightrail and buses which can get you a lot of places and almost always run even in crazy winter weather.
  2. Plan accordingly. Getting anywhere in winter weather usually takes longer than expected. Whether it's the increased difficulty of trudging to your destination in deep snow, or the delay of transportation in winter weather, it inevitably will take longer than expected, so plan ahead!
  3. Stay warm. This seems obvious, but it is important. And, relating to the previous point, get your winter gear before the first snow. Be ready! With the first snowstorm comes the rush for winter clothing, and if you're a part of the scramble, you may be left with limited choices and find empty shelves. It's not fun being the person in a cold, soaked sweatshirt in this kind of weather.
  4. Enjoy the peace and beauty! The snow creates a peaceful silence outside, even in the midst of Minneapolis. There is also the beauty of a fresh snowfall. I've included a picture I took of the snow on the trees; the beauty is all around!
The winter season brings along stress for many whether it's due to the holidays, end of the semester, or the weather, but taking the time to prepare and stepping back to enjoy all the great things about the season will help to make all the stressful parts more manageable and enjoyable. Winter break is quickly approaching -- good luck to everyone taking finals, and enjoy the weather as best you can!

Until next time,
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