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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Some real-life experiences as an architecture student

Hi everyone!

My name is Andrew, and I am glad to be here as a new blogger for the College of Design blog. Lately, I am very excited that I have actually been able to apply what I've learned in school in my life. As winter is approaching, my home is unfortunately suffering from water damage between the first and second floors. As an international student and considering that this is only the start of my third year in states, if I had not taken architecture classes like Material Methods, Ecology in Architecture and others, I would not be able to communicate with the contractor so easily. It has also been very interesting to see how the structures shown in the presentations and textbooks are actually applied in projects like this, as well as how we're able to use them to participate throughout the entire process of construction. We went to Menards and Home Depot together to compare, decide on and transport the materials back home. Every conversation I had with the contractors made me grateful for all of those classes and excited to go back to apply that knowledge recently.

Wish me good luck that everything is finished well!