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Thursday, November 17, 2016

New experiences in the metal shop

Hello friends,

Today I'm going to talk about some new experiences I've had recently designing using steel.  Typically when I have projects in my studio classes, you can find me in the wood shop, but I've started to utilize the metal shop more and more.  From using the plasma cutter and metal brake to form a lamp, to using a torch to bend both rod and sheet steel, these experiences have been extremely interesting to say the least.  It is so awesome to see how many things are possible, just by using the resources we have in the metal shop at our beloved Rapson Hall.  If you are working on a project soon that you are looking to try out a different medium with, I would highly recommend using steel and trying out all the cool tools we have in the shop!  To see when the shop is open, feel free to click here, and see all of their hours at Rapson. Of course, make sure to ask the shop guys and girls before using anything you haven't before, but other than that, have fun, and feel free to comment on this post with any cool experiences that you have or have had before -- I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time,

I'll see all you designers at home (Rapson),