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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Flying Through the Semester

Hi again!

It seems like the posts and semester are flying by; I've finished another studio project! As previously mentioned, in the senior interior design studio (IDES4607) we've been working on the design of a basement restaurant/bar area at the Landmark Center. So now's the time: here is my partner and I's design!
Rendering of the bar in The Ratskeller.
Rendering of the gallery area.

This building had tons of history and we were lucky enough to get to see the space in person and not only that, but get a tour of other areas of the building as well. It has a great story behind it, and we wanted to really relate to this story through our design. We focused on a concept of "uncovering the past" with which we took inspiration from the buildings current and past states and the materials originally used in its design. We applied these materials in more contemporary ways to reflect the meeting of time periods. We used pennies as a feature element not only to draw from the copper used in the original design but to represent time; the various dates on the pennies and the mixture of their different patinas and wear create a unique element that represents an expansive history.

This project along with those of my classmates will be presented and displayed at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. We're really excited to show off our designs. Based on mid-project presentations, everyone came up with really different ideas and hopefully we can inspire the Landmark Center with some ways in which they can use their interesting basement space.

See you next time with a new project!
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