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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Designing on the Mississippi

Hey everyone,

 This past week I have been hard at work in studio. We began our research and analysis for our final project. For this project, we are looking at the redevelopment of a section along the Mississippi River in Northeast Minneapolis. After visiting the site as a class, I am very excited about working in this area of the city. It is beautiful by the river, and the area has a great view of the skyline of downtown Minneapolis. Northeast is the center of the arts district in Minneapolis and is home to many art studios and apartments. It is also home to the Sheridan and Hawthorne neighborhoods, which currently have limited access to the riverfront. 

Currently, my group has been hard at work looking both at these characteristics of the neighborhood and users of the site, as well as the greater ecological context. The Mississippi River is an important corridor for many species. It acts as a migration flyway for many birds. Having connective habitat along the river is important in their successful migration south. The analysis phase of the design process is one of my favorite parts. I love learning all about a site: who interacts with the site, how they use it, and the constraints and opportunities that come with that.

That’s all for know,