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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Another Post, Another Project

Hi again!

This semester's studio is very fast-paced and we're already in the midst of our second studio project. This time, it is an adaptive reuse project. We are working with the Landmark Center in St. Paul to create an restaurant/bar space in their basement. It's a unique situation because basement restaurants can be a difficult place to make people aware of and draw people in. It's another partner project, so we will also be working on coordinating schedules and working with different people and opinions.

The space is very interesting, and I've included a picture to show you how it looks! The ceiling is very high and there's the challenge of many columns and other quirky features, like the mismatched windows. There's also the potential for a mezzanine area overlooking the space. There are a lot of possibilities with this space and it will be really cool to see what different groups come up with.

If you want to keep up with the progress of my classwork, and that of students in other design majors, make sure you're following the UMN Design Instagram. Here, we post about whatever we're up to and working on!

I can't wait to show off what my partner and I come up with for this awesome adaptive reuse project! Stay tuned, the project will be done before we know it!

Until next time,
Interior Design