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Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Down!

Hello again!

Since my last post, my first studio project of the year has been completed!! I've included some renderings to show you what me and my partner, Hanna, created.

We were tasked with designing an 800 sq. ft. maximum pop-up retail space. We were given the choice of three high fashion designers, and we selected Rodarte. We had to take this complex brand and design a pop-up store that would reflect them, their style and brand, and their work.

We created a design that would show the contrast between the light, feminine elements that are the root of their work, with the dark, manipulated twist Rodarte's designs take. The main feature of our design was a gradient from the front to back of the store which went from light to dark. It was expressed through the glass that creates the structure, the clothing that was featured in the store, the frequency of neon lighting, and the use of live and dead flowers.

It was a really fast-paced project and very abstract. This allowed us (and forced us) to be really creative with our ideas really quickly. We weren't given many limitations in this project which left it very open to interpretation and led to a bunch of really different and unique ideas within the class. It was great to see everyone's final designs!

And with that, the first project of my final year is complete! On to the next one...

Until next time,
Interior Design