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Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Year, Another Country

Hi everyone!

I love starting a new school year. Nothing is better than reorganizing your life and getting settled into a routine. This semester is a bit different though, as I’m spending it in London, England. That’s right - I’ll be writing to you all live from the UK with updates on my study abroad experience.

I have 2 weeks of classes under my belt now, and things are bit different than at home. Each of my classes are only once a week and are 3.5 hours long. It definitely makes me appreciate the hour and fifteen-minute classes at the U of M! It’s nice though because I have full afternoons to explore my new home, instead of going back and forth from classes and home.
The Victoria & Albert Museum courtyard I got the chance to visit during my free time!

I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity through the Retail Merchandising program to get all the credits I need so I’m still able to graduate on time. I’m so excited to learn more about international business and myself while I’m here. If you want to look into whats required for my major, check it out here!

Good luck to you all in this next semester at the U of M, and you’ll be hearing from me soon!


Retail Merchandising