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Monday, May 2, 2016

Wrapping Up the Year

Hello again!

Here we are, one week away from summer! I'm lucky enough to not have any finals during finals week - an occasional perk of being a design major. I'm so close to the end of another year, I can taste it!

This last week I went to the Donor & Scholars Luncheon for the College of Design. It is an event for the students that receive scholarships through the College of Design and the donors that make the scholarships possible. I strongly encourage looking into all the scholarships CDes offers. Not only are they super easy to apply for, but one application is an application for a long list of different scholarships. It's the easiest way to get money to help you get through school, and it's all thanks to generous donors looking to support the students of the U of M CDes programs. Another added bonus - I got a delicious meal at the event! There's nothing to lose applying to these scholarships, only a lot to gain!

As promised, these are some of the renderings of my final design of a house for studio. This coming week, we will be presenting our designs in class. Still left to do is finish up my presentation boards and prepare for the verbal presentation on the last day. Coming into college, something that really intimidated me was the idea of public speaking and presenting in front of people. As an interior design student, we are so exposed to presenting and do it so much that it has lost a lot of that intimidation. Although I still don't think I can handle speaking in front of large crowds and be totally calm, cool and collected, exposure to verbal presentations has probably been one of the most helpful things I've learned in college, and it will help immensely in the professional world as a practicing designer. Being able to verbalize your ideas and designs is a super important skill, and it's really helpful that right off the bat from freshman year it's something we've been practicing.

Good luck to everyone finishing up their school year and finals, we're almost there!

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