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Friday, May 6, 2016

I've Learned. I've Created. I've Grown.

Hey everyone,

My Home as I know it
Before I had a chance to realize it, the trees and plants started to bloom and I was running head first into finals week as well as my last few days as a student. I am trying to find ways to enjoy this finals season. I have lived and breathed Rapson and everyone in it for four years, and too soon, this won’t be my normal life anymore. The friendships and partnerships that have been made inside of these walls will be unparalleled. The beauty and vast amount of work that has been created by all of us will forever influence each other’s designs, even if we realize it or not.

The design education I have received within the College of Design was so unique compared to other architecture students I have spoken with, both nationally and internationally. I am very thankful for this because this design degree I will be receiving is everything I had hoped and more. I started my first year hoping to come out a professional architect, an idea that had been in my mind for ten years at that point. I am walking out knowing more about the world and myself than I ever would have thought. I was taught to reason with what I had learned in my past, make educated decisions about the present and the future, and most importantly, understand that architecture and design are disciplines that are interconnected with nearly every aspect of the world and how it operates. Imagine designing a product without ever thinking about how a child might use it, even if it isn’t directed at them. Imagine designing a building without even considering the impact it might have on the environment. Imagine designing a storefront without understanding how different cultures might respond. The consequences could be severe.

Whether or not the rest of society will value this design degree the same way I do, I am ready and well equipped to face the challenges of the future by looking at them through a unique set of “Minnesota – College of Design” lenses.