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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Goodbye and Good Luck!

Refracton, by Regena Yu, at the RAW Fashion Show
For everyone that has been following my blog, I'm saddened to say that this will be my last post. I will be graduating from the College of Design in about 2 weeks. It's been a rollercoaster of a ride for the past 4 years. I've made some lifelong friendships. I've learned so much and grown even more as a person. I definitely don't regret any moment of my time here. Not only have I grown, but I've gotten to see the amazing development and growth from my fellow classmates. I couldn't be prouder of them. I watched one of my good friends and fellow classmates , Regena Yu, premier her collection, Refraction, at the RAW Fashion show. I've seen the incredible skills and talent of other apparel designers as we continue to finish up our Target project for our Product Development class. I'm very excited to see what everyone will be doing in the future -- I'm sure that they will be doing great things.

Shirt for my Product Develop Target Project
What are my plans for the future? Probably just like many other graduates, my immediate plans after graduation are a little unclear. My job search is still on. Right now, my plans will probably be to stay in Minneapolis over the summer to continue my job search and to save some money. My ultimate goal is to find a job in New York City. Being in the industry that I am in, New York will be the best option for me, especially in the type of design that I'm looking to pursue. I'm looking to be a designer in the luxury market, designing couture gowns. That may not be my only option though. I have been contacted for multiple different opportunities for various different projects and possible career opportunities, so I do have some options right now, but nothing concrete.
As we all wrap up this last week of classes, I hope you all are enjoying the nice weather, and are not stressing out too much before finals week. It has been a pleasure keeping you all updated in my life as a CDes Apparel Designer, and I hope that you all have enjoyed following me. I will definitely miss you all, as well as, my time here. Hopefully you will be seeing my name as a designer of my own line in the future.

Goodbye and good luck!!

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View of the Minneapolis and the 35W bridge