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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back in the USA

Hey everyone!

Wow, this semester abroad just flew by! I arrived back home to Minnesota just a couple of days ago. This semester in Rome, Istanbul, and Madrid has been such a great experience, and I loved every second of it. Since my last blog post, our study abroad trip took an unexpected change of location. Due to recent events, it was decided that we would leave Istanbul and continue our program in Madrid. Although we were all sad to leave Istanbul, Madrid was also an amazing opportunity! Overall, I got to spend my semester traveling to 3 different cities for 5 weeks each!

After leaving Istanbul, we traveled to Madrid, Spain. While in Madrid, when we weren’t working hard on our studio projects, we were lucky enough to travel as a group to many other cities in Spain including Toledo, Cordoba, and Granada. During these weekends away we had time to work on our visual culture assignment, which was sketching the itinerary for each day in our sketchbooks. I think my favorite side trip was our weekend to Granada.  The Alhambra is located in Granada and having learned about it previously in class it was amazing to be able to visit it! The palace, courtyards and gardens were so beautiful, especially with all the flowers in bloom. 


Overall, this semester abroad in Rome, Istanbul and Madrid has been incredible. Although I am sad I had to leave, it has been great to see family and friends back home. I am excited for this summer in the Twin Cities and am looking forward to beginning the accelerated program in the fall!

Have a great summer!

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