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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Looking Forward

Finals week is finally over, and all of my projects have wrapped up nicely. My favorite out of all of them was the Chocolate Cards brand that you can see on the right. The illustrations were a lot of work, but they came together nicely!

This was my fourth and final year as a full time student, but I still have two more classes I need to take before I can graduate. Next year I’ll be taking one class each semester in order to finish off my degree, and to make up for the lack of coursework I’ll hopefully be doing some professional design work.

I’ve just started working as a graphic design and communications intern at the Make-A-Wish Foundation for their Minnesota chapter. It was a little overwhelming at first because their branding guidelines are quite detailed and very strict, but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of things! I’ll be designing print and web collateral for them, and I’ll be doing some copy writing as well! I think this internship will be a good way to bulk up my writing skills, and I’ll hopefully have a few pieces to add to my portfolio after all is said and done.

This internship lasts six months, so I’ll be working with Make-A-Wish well into the fall—which is great, since I’ll only be a part-time student! Once my internship ends in November, I’ll be dedicating all of my time to polishing my portfolio and getting my thesis together. I have a vague idea of what I might like to do for my final project as a graphic design student, but only time will tell if that idea comes to fruition! Until then, I’ll do my best to enjoy the summer and make the most of my internship.

See you next semester!


Graphic Design

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back in the USA

Hey everyone!

Wow, this semester abroad just flew by! I arrived back home to Minnesota just a couple of days ago. This semester in Rome, Istanbul, and Madrid has been such a great experience, and I loved every second of it. Since my last blog post, our study abroad trip took an unexpected change of location. Due to recent events, it was decided that we would leave Istanbul and continue our program in Madrid. Although we were all sad to leave Istanbul, Madrid was also an amazing opportunity! Overall, I got to spend my semester traveling to 3 different cities for 5 weeks each!

After leaving Istanbul, we traveled to Madrid, Spain. While in Madrid, when we weren’t working hard on our studio projects, we were lucky enough to travel as a group to many other cities in Spain including Toledo, Cordoba, and Granada. During these weekends away we had time to work on our visual culture assignment, which was sketching the itinerary for each day in our sketchbooks. I think my favorite side trip was our weekend to Granada.  The Alhambra is located in Granada and having learned about it previously in class it was amazing to be able to visit it! The palace, courtyards and gardens were so beautiful, especially with all the flowers in bloom. 


Overall, this semester abroad in Rome, Istanbul and Madrid has been incredible. Although I am sad I had to leave, it has been great to see family and friends back home. I am excited for this summer in the Twin Cities and am looking forward to beginning the accelerated program in the fall!

Have a great summer!

Landscape Design and Planning

Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Has Arrived!

Photo from my visit to the Como Zoo Conservatory

So I've survived another year, this means I'm going to be a senior - I can't believe it! Projects and exams have all been wrapped up for the year and now it's time for a well deserved break! I've already ventured out a little bit to the Como Zoo Conservatory to get out a little after the stress of finals.

I've officially accepted an internship position for this summer. I will be interning at Miller Dunwiddie Architecture in downtown Minneapolis. This will be my first experience working at a commercial firm and I'm really excited to get a different experience this summer. I've really enjoyed the opportunities I've had to try a lot of different routes of interior design so I'm really excited to try a commercial internship. I'll be working full time so it will be a great glimpse into life after graduation as an interior designer!

In addition to working, I'll be taking an online general biology course and, of course, spending as much of my free time as possible out enjoying summer, great weather, and great friends! I've realized this will likely be my last summer vacation ever, which is a little sad, but I'm really excited for this one!

Until next semester!
Interior Design

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Whoop-whoop, CLASS OF 2016!

Oh. My. Goodness. 

I cannot believe how fast my time at the University of Minnesota flew. While I feel like I still am a Freshman at times, it’s amazing to look back on how far we’ve all come. I have grown immensely over the last four years and can attribute a huge part of that to my education. While it might not always seem like it, college is something that YOU decide what you want out of it. Coming into it with passion and curiosity (and fun!) is the way I got the most out of my college experience.

After having officially graduated a few days ago, I wanted to reflect on my overall experience. No matter how long you have left in your undergrad career, doing this can help give you perspective on how much you’ve learned and how you grew into yourself. Doing this is how I realized how truly unique and important the last few years at University have been on my development.

Looking around at my graduating class, I see the excitement everyone has to move onto our next stage of our lives. While this is bittersweet, I can’t wait to see what everyone will accomplish in their lives. I look forward to staying connected with you all through the Alumni program. Can you believe we are that old?!

Congrats to the Class of 2016!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's That Time of Year

This time of the year is simultaneously really awesome and really stressful. On the upside, the flowers are blooming, and the sun doesn’t set until 8:30! The downside? My allergies are back and all of my final projects are due at the same time.

My final packaging project is wrapping up right now, both literally and figuratively because I am designing chocolate bar wrappers! This project required a lot of illustration work, which was both time consuming and a lot of fun. Illustration is my jam, so this project was a blast.

I also recently finalized all of my branding for my Identity and Symbols class, which you can read more about here. Now all I have left to do is present my final logo to the client with a five-minute presentation. I’m nervous about the public speaking, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what logos my classmates have designed! I’ve been working with my design for so long, so it’ll be refreshing to see other designs for this same client.

My advanced typography class has been meeting in the letterpress studio for the past two weeks, and we’ve been working in groups to create a poster! Working with physical type is stressful in its meticulousness, because everything has to be extremely precise, but the results are so cool to see. We’ll be presenting our final poster soon, and we’ll get to take a couple copies home with us, too. I am absolutely going to put one up on my wall.

Once this is all over in a few days I will finally be able to breath easy again. Unless my allergies keep acting up. Fingers crossed those pass sometime soon.


Graphic Design