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Friday, April 8, 2016

Sunsets, Skyscrapers & Spring Weather

Hello again!

We just got our first glimpse of spring with a nice, sunny, 60-degree day! I spent the day out exploring the city and took a lot of great pictures. It was really nice getting out and walking around after a cold winter, and it makes me really excited to get to summer!

Photo of the skyline from Boom Island.
I started at BF Nelson Park where I walked around Boom Island and Nicollet Island. They had great views of the river, and it's a great place to walk around because you can walk for as long or little as you want while getting some awesome views of the city. There's a lot of open grassy areas to just hang out, and there were some people out flying kites, hanging in hammocks, and walking their dogs.

I also went over to the Stone Arch Bridge because that is pretty much a must when you're out walking around Minneapolis. I went during sunset, and it was a beautiful view. There was a man playing the accordion on the bridge and it was a really peaceful walk. You could tell when the sun had set though that this isn't quite summer yet. It quickly got cold and I was fast to get back to the warmth of my apartment.

A panorama of St. Anthony Falls.
I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather and getting back outside more to relieve some of the stresses of being a student. Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay!

Until next time!
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