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Friday, April 22, 2016

Project Update

Hello again!

The weather is nice, and I'm sure we can all sense that summer is just around the corner. But first, there is a lot of stuff that still has to get done with school before moving on to summer.

In studio (IDES 3605), we are finalizing our culturally-sensitive housing designs. I've included a rough rendering of my kitchen. As you can see, things are coming along, but there is still a lot of work that has to go into making these renderings final for presentations. I'll be spending some time this week using Photoshop to perfect my renderings so they can accurately portray the design intent. I'm designing a midcentury modern home on a triangular plot of land in Minneapolis. It is a challenging site, but my design's pieced-together composition fits perfectly within it! At the end of the semester I'll post some more finalized renderings of the design so you can see the difference in how they look now versus what they end up looking like for the final presentation.

My History of Interior Furnishings class (IDES 3162) is finishing up the course's lectures, as we soon have our last test and presentations of a semester-long project. I'm also mentally preparing for 3 papers I have due in the coming weeks - time management is really going to be important. It seems like a ton of work to do, but planning things out will help a lot. And not all of the work is writing papers and studying; for my literature class (PSTL 1368), I am currently reading I Am Malala. It's an amazing book and a great way to take a break from other assignments and still be productive since I'm still doing homework! I even took my book to the park this weekend so I got to enjoy the beautiful weather while I read!

My biggest takeaway from this semester so far: it's all about perspective. I keep thinking about all the stuff I have to get done these coming weeks, but if I take a step back and think about fun ways to get the stuff done, it makes it more enjoyable and helps me relax. I will not only feel better about doing it, but it could even lead to better work! So, keep that in mind if it is time, or when it comes time, for your own finals!

Until next time!
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