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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Minnesota Fashion Week

This past week was Minnesota Fashion Week, so there were tons of fashion events going on everywhere. I was fortunate enough to go to 2 shows. I went to the Envision show and the Black Hearts Ball Show. Both had some fantastic designers showing their work. It’s so nice to see that the fashion community in Minneapolis is still thriving and relevant. Everyone came out dressed to impress, and I would like to include myself in that as well. There was definitely a variety of styles and tastes that showed up to the shows. I know I found some great inspiration just from people watching, as well as from the collections that I saw. I have to give a shout out to Lauren Kacher, who showed both at the Envision show and the Black Hearts Ball, and Lucie Biros, who showed at Black Hearts Ball. They both are alums of the CDes program, so it’s awesome to see our alums still being active in the community. I have to admit that I have a bias because I always love their work, and they didn’t let me down with their recent collections. Being out with other people who appreciate fashion as much as you do is a wonderful feeling. It’s amazing to see people come out to support the local fashion scene and their local designers. As a designer, I know that without the support of the community we would be nowhere, and our art would suffer. There are still some fashion shows coming up in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check them out!! Support your local designers. In fact, my fellow classmate and my good friend, Regena Yu, will be showing in the upcoming RAW Fashion Show on April 27. I highly recommend you get tickets to see a wonderful designer!

Here is the link to her info and how to buy tickets!

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