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Monday, April 25, 2016

Logo Design Update!

Earlier this semester I began work on designing a logo for an organization called Bright Minds, Bright Smiles. It’s been several weeks since I finalized my final version of the logo, and since then I’ve been working on applying that logo to an overall brand. We had some guidelines for specific items we should design, such as business cards and professional letterheads, and we were also given more creative freedom to choose other collateral materials to create! I decided to try my hand at designing a website, which you can view a demo of here.

I’ve never taken on such an in-depth branding assignment before, and it’s a task that has been much more involved than I had originally imagined. There are so many pieces to design, and each of them has to be carefully detailed to fit the brand I’ve established. Thankfully, my professor has been awesome about giving us deadlines for finishing these pieces, so I’ve been handling the workload well!

It’s hard to believe that just a couple of months ago this brand only existed in my brain, and now I have all of these pieces to go along with my logo. This might not even be the logo that the organization chooses since my classmates have some really awesome designs, too! However, even if this ends up as just a portfolio piece, I know it’ll be an excellent addition.


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